Diversified Solutions of touchscreen sensor

Inotouch is always welcoming new needs and requirements of customers. Inotouch has always been searching for long term business not short time sales. Inotouch know well that business always comes from customer’s new needs and requirements.

5-Wire Resistive, Ruggedized with privacy filter, One-Glass Tough Touch and Slim border solution, all came from customer’s needs and requirements.

5-Wire Resistive

This solution came from the needs of cost-effective, continuous use with high accuracy and higher MTBF compared to 4-Wire Resistive and other solutions.

It is suited for ECR/POS, Medical and Industrial equipment.

Ruggedized with Privacy Filter

This solution is to cope with circumstantially bad conditions with limited viewing angle for user’s privacy protection. It is suited for ATM, police station, hospital and public offices handling confidential information.

One-Glass Tough Touch

This solution is to meet the requirement of sturdiness with high light transmission. This solution is suitable for the environment with dim ambient light but rugged enough to endure strong touch pressures. Casino, Pub, Restaurant and Coffee Shops are eligible places for the use.

Slim Border Multi-Touch

This solution is fit for multi-touch narrow bezel monitors in general.