65” Projected Capacitive Sensor

Inotouch launched 65” silver nanowire touchscreen sensor to meet the market demands for IWB and Signage segments. Inotouch’s silver nanowire touchscreen relieves the problems of sensor patterning image, moire effect, star bust or haze appearing in many other different types of touchscreen, especially under the circumstances of bright LCD light source or outdoor usage. Inotouch silver nanowire touchscreen sensor is the right solution for UHD or RGBW LCD panels, not to worry about matching problems of sensor to the different types of LCD panel.

Inotouch also provides minimum cost AES active pen solution with 1,024 pressure steps for IWB market. This solution removes EMR layer, which makes significant portion of cost structure for IWB touch screen.
* AES: Active Electrostatic Solution. EMR: Electro Magnetic Resonance

Further size-up migration

Inotouch will continuously increase the screen size in accordance with the market demands, replacing Metal Mesh Projected Capacitive and Infrared touchscreens. 75”, 85” and 98” are the most prospective next candidates in size-up migration path.

Curved Glass Solution

Inotouch launched 43” 1,500R curved glass laminated silver nanowire touch sensor to meet the requirements of Gaming and Kiosk industry. User’s sense of immersion in viewing and short distance of hand touch to the screen will definitely increase the demands in Gaming and Kiosk market as well as in the sub-segments of information display for privacy sensitive use.

Glass laminated touchscreen Sensor

Inotouch provides Mirror/AG/AR/Clear glass laminated touchscreen sensors for shopping assistance display and other usage such as Signage and IWB, not mentioning the touchscreen sensors to be aligned with projector-shot screen images.

Customization business of touchscreen sensor foil

Inotouch has specialized in developing touch sensors from beginning of its business in May, 2000. In spite of many challenges being faced with many adverse development conditions, it has succeeded in acquiring diverse product line-up.

Through countless trials and errors and with long time accumulated experiences and know-how of comingling the tuning technique of controllers, each case and event of material’s functional characteristic changes and numer- ously different methods of manufacturing especially for its own laser etching machines, Inotouch succeed in storing the abilities to optimize silver nanowire sensor to the customer’s requirements of reliable, flexible and higher perfor- mance touchscreen designing-in within short span of time for relatively smaller order quantity at a smallest risk of failure cost. Inotouch is proud of itself for having unparalleled ability of silver nanowire customization in the industry.

Inotouch welcomes the opportunity of strategic relationship in silver nanowire touch sensor customizations for reasonable scale of the business.